Why Odoo ?

Innovating, scalable, cloud or on-site, social… Discover why choosing odoo…

✓ Innovating

Using the latest web technologies, it is friendly, clear, intuitive and easy to use.

✓ Scalable

With its various modules, it provides scalable solutions that fit your needs. In addition, the transition to a new version remains a choice that belongs to you and the modular architecture simplifies this operation.

✓ Cloud

Available in the cloud, you can access it anytime and from anywhere. No need to install applications on your computer, you can access either from Windows, Mac or even a tablet. If you opt for the cloud, no need either to have a server at home, and your data is automatically saved in dedicated and highly secure environments. Nevertheless, it may also be installed on your own servers.

✓ Data sharing

The management of access rights allows you to configure different user profiles in your organization and the processes to which they have access. You can also share some data with your fiduciary that will have access at any time to your accounting file. Or even provide a portal to your customers or set up an e-commerce to sell your products.

✓ Social Be notified of future events, send messages to other users, publish and subscribe to information, trace the historical data: be social.

✓ Interoperability The open web-services oriented architecture provides excellent integration with other software used at your company.

✓ Multi-languages

It is an international solution with more than 30 languages.