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QanSEE is team of Senior professional Consultants with huge experience in ERP implementation on multiple ERP platform. Each consultant has from 10 to 20 years of consulting experience. We are one of the most experienced integrator of OpenERP on the worldwide market. Our references on OpenERP platform:

  • For the worldwide leading consulting company in strategy: project management, technical lead, business analysis & development for CRM, Operational Management, Finance and HR
  • IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), Non-Governmental Organization:  process modeling, project management, technical lead, business analysis & development for Purchasing (calls for bids, procurement management), Order Management, Logistics (multi-warehouse)
  • Retail sector: E-Commerce, POS, Logistics, Sales, Purchase, Accounting
  • Postal sector: HR and ticketing system
  • Manufacturing sector: Manufacturing, planning, tracking
  • IT Services sector: Contract management, Sales, Timesheet, Accounting
  • Industry sector: Attendance management
  • Education sector: Training management, School management
  • Construction sector: Maintenance & intervention planning
  • Direct Marketing sector: Marketing, Sales

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