Hosted for you in the cloud or on-site

You can choose our solutions either hosted for you in our private data center or installed at your premises in your data center.

Option1 : Hosted solution

We provide complete hosting of our solutions in our private cloud. We currently provides 2 types of hosting for your ERP solution:

  • 1A/ on VPS running on fully redundant architecture provided and maintained by major infrastructure provider with a high level of SLA. Recommended for production systems of large implementations .
  • 1B/ on VPS running on QanSEE own servers with best effort SLA. Alternative for limited implementations with small budget. Also for QA/Test instances.

The running environment is entirely deployed, installed and managed by QanSEE. It is also allocated and dedicated to the customer with a complete separation of customer data.

Option2 : On-site solution

If you prefer to have the server at your premises or if you already have the infrastructure, we can deploy our solutions on-site. We can guide you in the selection of required server and perform the complete installation of the system.

For small system, we can also provide required hardware, installed and configured. We then provide remote backup services.

=>  Contact us for pricing.

Note. In any case, an additional mail exchange system could be required depending on mail function usage, like mass-mailing.

Additional Information

Disaster recovery

In the case of option 1A, your ERP by QANSEE is hosted on complete redundant infrastructure, and continues to run in case of hardware issue with a down time of service limited on 15 min on major hardware failure. Hourly VPS backups are done by the infrastructure provider to rebuild the VPS in case of unrecoverable disaster. Monitoring is also provided to detect hardware issues and fix them on time.




Our ERP deployments are multi-processes and managed by a supervisor system. In case a process becomes unresponsive, it is automatically killed and a new one is started. This allows the ERP to continue running and prevent other concurrent users to be blocked.

In case of minor disaster during for e.g. an upgrade that cannot be solved, a roll-back is applied.

Safe deployment methodology

For any implementation, we use multiple environments. Each developer has it’s own local development platform. A test environment consolidate all developments for validation by the tech lead and tagging new releases. Some demo environment could be temporarily setup to show or discuss some specific features with the customer. The new releases (could be a small change or major update) are first deployed on QA which is a copy of the production. This allows to validate the deployment procedure, and get the validation of the new features by the customer before deploying it into production. When it’s validated, it is finally deployed into production.

Technology infrastructure services

Our ERP solution is running on Linux servers. It’s high performance doesn’t require a lot of hardware resources, nor complex infrastructure.

Your Connection to the internet

Your are running operations that cannot afford disconnection to the Internet and hosted services. Note that we can also provide redundant connections to Internet decreasing your risk to loose your access to your operational system.